Top essay writing mistakes to avoid

Top essay writing mistakes to avoid

Writing is a mandatory part of our lives, especially when it comes to an obligatory form to excel in our academic assignments. Writing in itself is a form of art and is not at all an easy task. The basic rules of writing an essay are known by us. Writing an essay starts with a thesis statement and ends with an unforgettable and amazing conclusion. But getting all of this right is not easy. People are very anxious about showing their work to others. They are in self-doubt about their work, they are uncertain about their own abilities to be a perfect writer. However, the truth is that there is no universal way to solve all the essay writing mistakes. Get reliable ‘write my college essay’ services from

Hence here we are with some points to assist you to become the editor of your own essays and avoid making mistakes.

Never neglect a thesis statement

A thesis statement plays a major role in your introduction and in the full essay in general. A thesis statement acts like a hook on which the whole of your essay hangs. It should be specific and state a point of view or say opinion as strongly as possible. It becomes really hard for the readers to understand what you are talking about, if you do not reveal the main idea of your essay. The essence of an essay is it’s introduction, and how well you are able to convey it. You can avoid this mistake by being very clear and engaging in your thesis statement. Many times it proves to be a great idea to put the thesis statement in the concluding part of the introduction, which will lead in blending it with the main body of your work.

Repetition of the introduction

Avoid repeating your beginning of the essay in the ending as-well. The concluding paragraph of your essay is not the idle palace to describe your introduction using different words. This part is of vital importance in your essay as you are ending your statements there, so repetition is a big no and should not be neglected. An essay can be successful if you have an engaging statement about the essay you concluded, where the reader is left with some of their own new ideas. Raising questions, exploring different implications of ending your essay with intriguing quotations. Don’t start your conclusion with the very word “in conclusion”, as people will be able to see this as your last paragraph. This will make it quite obvious for them to recognize that this is the end of the essay.

Avoid providing too much information and too many facts

Everyone is taught to provide meaningful and detailed essays, which definitely means that you should not refrain from providing unfiltered information. The aim of the essay should be to provide the reader with sufficient yet narrowed information. The promptness of the essay should not be lost. If the essay is complicated, make sure you simplify it, and the final draft is analyzed before it’s submission. Don’t include unnecessary facts and information.

Wrong formatting

An essay is not all about the content, it’s also about formatting. The formatting details should never be overlooked or neglected. If you do so, the whole essence of the content won’t matter. If your essay is bad looking, it will be presumed as a bad one. Choose proper format and styling. The paper size, page numbers, font size, margins, and spaces all are equally important. The general rules and regulations should be followed.


The very word plagiarism means “ presenting someone else’s ideas or work as your own.” This is a serious offense. Today’s advanced technology has made it easier to detect if one is doing so. You should refer to the source from where you are getting information. Examples of scientific works and literature should be cited. Rephrasing is the keyword while using any information from some source. Using someone else’s quotation as your’s should be avoided.

Usage of too many topics in your essay

Your essay topic should be clear and direct. Including too many topics or subjects can make it confusing. In the long run, it will diminish the statement’s purpose altogether. The topic should be sufficient enough to answer the questions in the reader’s mind. Straying away from the meaning of the essay should be refrained.